Our House, Your House

For the love of wine and city

The House of DC…born on the streets of Washington D.C. A new wine brand that is closer to home to us all. We are a District of Columbia based sparkling wine brand. The goal of the house is to be an integral part of the DC community and not just another foreign or alien wine brand. We try to keep as much of your dollars spent on our wines inside the city and minimize the money that leaves the city. Our wines are meant to bring happiness and to be drank with friends in the constant celebration of life.

Unlike rural wineries that are distant and remote to DC, this wine brand is an urban brand that lives on the day-to-day streets of the city.

We sell our sparkling wines to DC licensed alcohol retail dealers. This includes restaurants, bars, clubs, taverns, hotels, liquor stores, and caterers. Look for us in your favorite location. If you do not see our wines, then please request that they carry them.

Brand Mission

To give the people of DC delicious sparkling wines and to be an active member of the DC community.

Purveyor of the House

Hello, my name is Kevin and I love wine and the city of DC. I am the owner and manager of House of DC, LLC. My wife, Pearly and I fell in love with wine when we visited the vineyards of Bordeaux, France in 2017. I was determined from that trip on, to be a part of the wine industry.

I love the District of Columbia and the greater area known as The DMV. I call it my rebirth, because when the U.S. Army brought me here in 2011, I immediately fell in love with it. Now, I want to combine my two passion together and bring delicious sparkling wines that the amazing people of D.C. will love! Why? Because life is a party that we should all celebrate together. Cheers!

We seek to make this brand bold and wonderful, just like the amazing city of DC and its people.

The power of a great wine to unite us as friends and community in a happy social setting, I feel is one of the amazing benefits that every adult can enjoy.

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